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Reason 7.0.1

Reason 7.0.1 Free Download

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A Versatile Audio Recording and Editor That Suites Your Musical Needs

Are you a professional or a budding musician who doesn’t have enough resources to conceptualize record and edit your music? Then Reason is the perfect application to let you get things going. It’s professional virtual Audio Composers app that works just like the real thing.

Reason is developed by Propellerhead. It offers a complete program for recording and editing music. Reason has an awesome rack that shows you all the instrument that you will need to design your music while creating your songs. Reason has a comprehensive interface, so using it requires inclination to musical and recording technicalities.

A versatile audio application

Reason merges and coordinates not just audio recording and editing, but it also paves way to completing the whole musical production by providing a diverse range of mixing tools, sound instrument and impeccable effects which you can use for free when you install the software. Unlike Music MasterWorks or MAGIX Music Maker, Reason delivers a more powerful and fast MIDI and audio sequencer that manage and modify all your recordings for full and efficient control. Because of its intuitive system, you are free to turn those creative musical concepts into reality. Reason could also further enhance your existing musical composition by the process of remixing, making small to major adjustments that you would need to make the sound extra ordinary.

Reason is a multifunction recording studio system that is perfect for any music composition and enhancement. There's no need for you to hire another professional to help you with the musical arrangement because its software and hardware functionality encompass the conventional recording studio package. Though it is an extensive app, in order to use it, you just need to download it to your Windows operating laptop or computer and "presto!” you have your own virtual recording studio.

Download Reason now and enjoy an all-in-one recording and production sound system.


  • Cheaper and convenient compared to having a real recording studio
  • It has an expandable Rack extension for more audio effects
  • Controllable options e.g., knobs, buttons and faders that look and function naturally
  • You can flip the rack to see the wires and connection at the backside


  • Demo mode won’t allow you to export the audio
  • Requires a handful amount of musical expertise to use

free download